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Counseling Calendar

Counseling Department

VISION – Every APS student will graduate from high school with a personalized and meaningful post-secondary plan, empowered with the attitudes, skills and knowledge to succeed and contribute in a globally competitive world. 

MISSION – Through evidence based comprehensive counseling programs all students will have equitable access and opportunity to ensure they are prepared for post-secondary education and careers in diverse communities. 

A Comprehensive School Counseling Program: 

The APS Professional School Counselors and College and Career Readiness Counselors follow a comprehensive school counseling program for ALL students based on best practice that: 

  • is driven by student data; 
  • is student standard’s based in academic, career and personal/social development; 
  • identifies the knowledge, attitude and skills that all students should acquire for success; 
  • is delivered in a systematic fashion; 
  • ensures equitable access to a rigorous education; and 
  • promotes and enhances the learning process through direct and indirect services. 

Delivery of School Counseling Services 

The Professional School Counselors/College and Career Readiness Counselors deliver services in the following ways: 

Direct Student Services 

Direct services are in-person interactions between school counselors and students to facilitate academic success, college and career readiness, and personal/social development and can include the following: 

  • School counseling core curriculum: This curriculum is delivered through the classrooms, and consists of structured lessons designed to help students attain the desired competencies and to provide all students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills appropriate for their developmental level. 
  • Individual student planning: Counselors coordinate ongoing systemic activities designed to assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans. 
  • Responsive services: Responsive services are activities designed to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns. Responsive services may include counseling in individual or small-group settings or crisis response. 

Indirect Student Services 

Indirect services are interactions with others (families, teachers, administrators, and community agencies) to help support the students in academic, career and personal/social success. 

How to Schedule an Appointment: 

Our goal is to assist students and families in a timely fashion. A parent who wishes to meet with a Professional School Counselor or a College and Career Readiness Counselor may schedule an appointment by calling or e-mailing the counselor. Students can make appointments by completing a counselor appointment request form available in the counseling office. 

Counseling Staff
Contact Pamela Joseph  Pamela Joseph (505) 265-3711 ex: 26060 Counselor - A-L
Contact Elise Mackey  Elise Mackey (505) 265-3711 ex: 26051 Counselor- M-Z
Contact Stacey Sieberg  Stacey Sieberg (505) 265-3711 ex: 26299 Counselor- Freshmen
Contact Erica Soskin  Erica Soskin Counselor
Contact Melissa Zerbst  Melissa Zerbst (505) 265-3711 ex: 26336 College and Career Counselor



APS uses Parchment to send official and unofficial copies of transcripts. For information about processing transcripts, go to: or go directly to to create a profile. 

Official transcripts will be sent electronically, securely and confidentially to the colleges, universities or organizations you designate. Students can track the status of their request online and immediately see if it is "Pending," "Sent" or "Delivered." Official transcripts are primarily for college applications and the military. Currently enrolled students can print unofficial transcripts from Parchment for personal use. Unofficial transcripts can be used for job applications and as useful information in educational planning. The first four transcripts requested are free. 

IF YOU GRADUATED BETWEEN 1962 and 2006 DO NOT create a Parchment account. Contact the district Imaging and Archive office at 505-848-8836 or by fax at 505-848-8838 to request your transcript. If you were WITHDRAWN from Highland HS between 1962-2001 please contract the APS Archive office at 505-848-8836 for transcripts.