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Athletic Notes

Highland Athletics Expectations

  1. Be on time for practices, meetings, workouts or games. 15 minutes early is on time.
  2. Be prepared for practices, meetings, workouts or games by having all the required equipment or uniforms.
  3. Attend all practices, meetings, workouts or games.
  4. Communicate with coaches about any possible situation you may not be attending practices, meetings, workouts or games.
  5. Athletes must attend all practices, meetings, workouts or games even if you are injured or ill. If you are absent from school, make sure to bring a parent note to the attendance office and contact the coach.
  6. Please notify coaches of any family/guardianship or custody concerns.
  7. Athletes will attend all classes on their schedule.
  8. Athletes will be on time to all classes on their schedule.
  9. Athletes will conduct themselves as good citizens with appropriate language and behavior.
  10. Athletes will comply with all Highland coaches, game workers and officials.

Homeschool and Charter Students Wanting to Play Sports at Highland


Students that are Homeschooled or attending charter schools must still register at Highland High School as a non attending participant.

Please download the appropriate form to register at Highland for Athletics.

The process to participate is as follows:

  1. Register at Highland, Must have shot records.
  2. Contact the Head Coach of the desired sport.
  3. Provide the Athletic Director with the completed form from the registration office.
  4. Complete an Athletic Physical and fill out all the required paperwork to submit to the AthleticTrainer.
  5. Give the Head coach the "Gold Card" from the Athletic Trainer or Athletic Director releasing you to participate in the sport.

Why Athletes Succeed or Fail


Why Athletes With Average Talent Succeed:

  1. Work Hard
  2. Coachable
  3. Practice Hard
  4. Do all the little things well.
  5. Value their roles

Why Athletes with Talent fail:

  1. Don't work hard
  2. Uncoachable
  3. Listen too and have the wrong people in their circle
  4. Selfish


Group photo of students in the team spirit


Athletics Staff

Athletics Director:
John Barnhill